You’ve got these Mink Lashes. Now what?

Used to throwing away your little drugstore lashes, I’ve got all the tips and trick to keep those Quality mink lashes looking stunning. you paid for them lets make them last.

I love the way lashes make me feel so much. I don’t have time to do a full face of make up and frankly want to do that everyday. Lashes are my go to in the mornings because, they can be a whole look or take a look to the top. They can be a tricky thing to master, but once you do, nothing will stop your true shine!

My first set of mink lashes I’ve completely destroy and only wore 3 times, and one of those was just work! I was so bummed out and just pissed at myself for doing something so stupid. I was just trying to take the glue off. Lashes can be so delicate you have to know how to do it right or its $25 bucks down the drain. I’ve haven’t ruined a set of lashes since. Follow these tips for the proper care of your lashes.

Before you even apply the lashes most need to be sized to your eye since everyone eyes are different. Just apply the lashes without glue to the eyelid making sure the lash is just slightly inside the natural lash line to help blend the flawlessly into your eyelashes. Cut the outside of the lash not the inside.

Since your not just throwing these away after just a couple use it best to treat them right they will last longer and be easier to clean which is always a good thing.

  • Apply mascara to your natural lash before putting on your faux lashes
  • Like wigs apply a thin layer of glue then let that get tacky, then apply another thin layer once tacky then apply to your eyes
  • Look down when applying lashes and use lots of light
  • Be gentle with your lashes. No tugging or rubbing please
  • Clean after every use suing tweezers to remove excuss glue
  • Rubbing alcohol is my go to for cleaning lashes and my lace wigs
  • Always store lash back in case to maintain shape

The right tools are a must have to keeping those lashes perfect for a long as possible, normal lashes should last 20-25 wears. Just like anything else in life good maintenance and proper hygiene is key. That could even be a dj Khaled major key!

Tools needed for the best application and maintenance.

  • Eye lash tweezers
  • Tweezers
  • Eye lash brush
  • Glue
  • Lash cleaner
  • Glue remover
  • Q tips

Cleaning those lashes!

Let be real even though you are suppose to clean your lashes after every use, but who really does? I’m even guilty of not being on top of my cleaning. Don’t do it if you can try and help it. Please do as I say not as I do.

For daily cleaning just a couple sprays of a lash cleaner and letting that sit just a few minutes should do the trick. After I quick soak use your tweezers to gently pull away the glue from the lash. This may take a few minutes depending on how often you clean and how thick the glue is on the band. When all the glue is removed use a wet q tip on the lash and gentle swipe the lash away from the band to remove any make up or oil. Let the ashes air dry in there case to help maintain the band shape. Once dry you can fluff your lashes with your lash brush.

Let’s make those bundles last!

Time to get real, there are way too many hair companies and not enough good vendors. Most hair company sell the same hair as there competition. So what make the hair last longer then others.

It all depends on you!

If you want your hair to last you must take excellent care of it. This goes for so many different things in life, friendship,relationship, work ,your body! You cant expect your bundles to last if you fry them with heat every day or never give them a good deep conditioning treatment. Or the worse bleaching them your damn self all at once, lol.

Frankly I am the worst at doing right by my bundles, I don’t wear weaves so I make my hair into wigs it simpler for me to deal with lol. But I be throwing them in the back of my car, stepping all over them getting my daughter in and out of her seat. Then every once in awhile my daughter grabs them and my poor hair is just done she is such a little terror, she has so much fun playing and knotting it up. DO as I say not as I do !!!

Wigs are so much easier to make last longer then having bundles install because you don’t get that constant wear and tear involved in wearing a weave. What most people do is wear a weave for a couple times then having that hair made into a wig. That way your getting the most bang for your buck.

1. Seek a professional.

The best advice I can give, is to go to someone who knows what the hell they are doing to help with your install, your coloring, and your maintenance.

These steps if not done correctly are a sure fire way to shorten the life of your hair.

I see so many post about home bleaching hair and I cringe. No one goes from 1b to 613 hair in 1 step, go to any salon and they will have you come in numerous times to get that dramatic change. Bonus tip if you want bright stunning color start out with 613 hair, the extra you pay for the hair you’ll save paying a salon to lift those 1b bundles.

Make sure when getting an install that they don’t cut the wefts or of they do to put a sealant on the ends so you don’t have all that excess shedding. Also think about the maintenance involve with if you are wanting a closure or frontal as well. and schedule that in advance to make sure your hair dresser has room for you in her schedule.

2. Choosing a frontal or closure?

Choosing a frontal or closure wont really effect the length of life for you hair but it will be important to think about your lifestyle when, making the decision. Frontal are the new it thing, but they require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Keeping the glue laid down to worrying about thinning, that can happen form the over processing of bleaching the knots. Over plucking can also shorten the life of your lace piece so that again is best to be done by professionals. (check out my blog about my customization process, bleaching and plucking free).

3. Washing and caring for your bundles.

Even though it didn’t grow out of your head doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat it as such!

The products you use are very important when washing your bundles. You want to stay away from harsh chemicals and all those sulfate and parabens. A moisturizing co wash is the best for weekly washing of your bundles, but don’t neglect your own hair underneath. Wash your scalp and apply oils to it regularly. don’t get your hair braided super tight either please that shit hurts and your poor hair will start to fall out left and right lol.

Be gentle when washing your hair, I use a wide tooth comb making sure the hair is fully saturated then apply co-washing starting at the top and guide then product down to the tips without rubbing or tugging to much. A wide tooth comb will help distribute the product evenly throughout your hair leave the co-wash on for at least 5 min to make sure it has done it job then rinse again without rubbing or tugging the hair then condition the hair the same way. Don’t forget your favorite leave in and heat protectant.

Do a deep condition at least once a month, and if it really bad nothing bets good old fashion silicon mix. It important to remember when doing a deep conditioning treatment that you need to apply heat to help the moisture get into the cuticle of the hair.

Brushing your bundles correctly is good way to make them last just brushing any type of way can cause shedding and hair loss. Start at the tip and slowly work your way up to the root in little sections, using a wide tooth comb or a detangling brush.

4. Storing your hair.

If your like me then you have a lot of different hair everywhere and to insure the best look every time is best to store them properly. for your bundles once they are out of your hair, make sure they are clean and dried I like to do a deep condition treatment before I put them away so I know when I need them they will be ready.

I store my bundles in the satin bags they get sent out in, it the easiest way to store them I’ve found. you’ll want them keep out of sunlight, keep them free from dust, and dramatic temperature change.

For my wigs they do require a little more space to store. If it is a wig you use a lot it best to keep it on a canvas head with the lace fasten down with some gallon (little ribbon) to ease the stress of the needles on the lace. If you hardly wear the wig it is best to turn the wig inside out to help maintain the round shape of the lace and store in a satin or silk bag.

Follow these simple rules and my bundles will last you years!!

Use the code WIG for a free construction of your old bundles into a new wig!! Must send in bundles no more then 6 months after purchase to qualify!

Embrace your own beauty 101.

Beauty is different to everyone, it time to celebrate yours!

I have always struggled with how I thought about my beauty! I think especially in this age of social media it even worse. I wouldn’t want to grow up seeing these gorgeous looking teens in Instagram.

Where is their awkard phase!

Luckily I grew up before social media, but I still had pretty girls in my class that were wearing makeup in the 6th grade and looking gorgeous. In my house self care was non-existent, my mother did not care about looks at all!She really hide behind her weight and lack of self care as a way not to get hurt anymore, after suffering 2 devastating divorces. Because of my mom inability to forgive and get past her hurt. I grew up in not just a toxic beauty environment, but a toxic place to learn how to love myself. I’m just really embracing the ability to change the narrative I grew up with not just for myself but for my daughter.

Everything I say and do, Everything I don’t say or do has an effect on this little person. I must learn to better myself first. I must create a new legacy for me and my family!

My journey began with looking towards people to see how they cared and loved themselves. Some of my inspiration is of course Beyoncé her grace and beauty her strength and willingness to be vulnerable is everything I inspire to be. One of my favorite shows I go to when I’m feeling down or discourage is Queer eye on Netflix is so awesome and inspiring plus they give so many good tips to help anyone struggling with self love. Self care and self love is a daily struggle, it takes 90 days to make a lifestyle change. You have to show up daily for yourself or you wont be able to show up for anyone.

Do these things daily to celebrate and embrace your own special beauty!

1. Have gratitude!!!

Start simple. Being vague is okay, but to really get the most benefit from it you must be targeted in what you are truly thankful for!

Take what you don’t like about yourself and think about what life would be without that body part. Do you hate your eyes? Being thankful for the ability to see is nice, but vague. Be more pointed in your gratitude. The ability to see color is a true blessing. Just image a life in black and white, fashion, makeup, hair color none of that would matter as much. Jeffery star new blue blood and blood sugar palette would be just different shades of gray!

What I like to do in the morning before I do my makeup is pick out something and be thankful. It help put your mind in a good framework for the rest of the day. I also do this at night after my self-care is done with. I choose to be thankful for the same area, but I pick a different reason to be thankful. Be aware during the day of how you used that part during the day think about what you couldn’t have done if you didn’t have it.

2. Think of beauty as more then just skin deep.

I know this is such a common phrase in English but I don’t believe many really embrace it. Why do they? It is not something easily found, you can look at someone and instantly see physically beauty. while inner beauty takes time to manifest for the world to see sometimes days and weeks and even years for others to look at certain people and see inner beauty.

A hard fact too is some may never see your inner or outer beauty but that shouldn’t make it less to you!

When thinking about your inner beauty I find it best to first start by reflecting and writing about the day that you’ve had the choice you’ve made toward yourself and towards others. Think about who needs forgiving, who needs compassion and understanding. after I write the day down I like to then sit and be still and focus on forgiveness and compassion towards others even if it is vague it can still be helpful to just send healing compassion and forgiveness out into the universe.

Inner beauty to me is about having love and compassion for humanity. the only thing I can control in every situation is my actions and reactions to others. The deeper understanding and love I have for myself, is when I can really shine love and inner beauty to everyone.

3. If something has a fix then fix it!

I’m not saying go out and get plastic surgery. I’m saying take a hard look and ask if you’re doing everything you can do to best the best you can be!

For myself it not necessary my weight that troubles me. Before my daughter I was a lot more active. I worked so much and always moving on my job, on easy day did well over 6 miles. So for me it not about losing weight, it about wanting a healthier, fitter body. With a 1 year old it can be a challenge, to stop and take self care time to make myself feel better. I’m starting small I have three 30 day workouts I’m signed up for after that I will get a gym membership.

Again I’ll use the eye example just to keep it simple, maybe try some different color contacts and see how that feels, try different make-up or some awesome lashes. Take time to think is it really my eyes or something different. Another example if you hate your skin change your skin care routine, maybe even start one if that’s the case.

It about taking the power back and knowing you have control and the abilities to change your life.

I challenge you to grow and become so much more then just celebrating your beauty!

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